Media Clips


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Selected media clips from more than 250 recent client placements:

  • San Jose Mercury News: “California, National Shortage of Primary Care Physicians Will Become More Severe As National Health Reforms Take Effect,” 11/20/12
  • California Healthline/Think Tank: “Creating a Culturally Competent Health Care System,” 6/4/12
  • NPR: “What’s Up Doc? When Your Doctor Rushes Like the Roadrunner,” 5/24/12
  • USA Today: “Doctors Find Ways to Treat Uninsured Patients,” 9/12/11
  • The New York Times: “Tai Chi Eases Depression in Elderly,” 3/18/11
  • PBS NewsHour: “In California, Facing Down a Family Physician Shortage,” 11/18/10
  • ABC/KGO-TV Ch 7, San Francisco: “Primary Care Impacted by Health Care Reform”  3/25/10
  • NPR & KQED-FMAll Things Considered: “Congress Proposes New Physician Payment System,”  1/4/10