Marble WallCatherine Direen loves to help make the world a better place. Sometimes that involves external work – consulting with organizations to help them better fulfill their missions and build a stronger voice on issues. Sometimes it’s internal work – consulting with individuals and teams to help them make the proverbial great leap forward. With well-honed strategic insight, fairness and humor, she always makes a difference.

Catherine holds a Master’s Degree in Analytic Philosophy and is halfway through a second Master’s Degree, this time in Psychology. These approaches reflect her interest in both macro and micro, external and internal ways of making change.

She has consulted with scores of organizations and served in staff leadership positions at others. Dividing her time between the San Francisco Bay Area and the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico, she is available for work nationwide.

“Catherine Direen’s greatest strength is her ability to determine exactly what an organization needs and then deliver it. External media, internal assessment, individual development — she has an amazing grasp of the entire spectrum of strategic needs and solutions.”

Nancy Gonchar
Deputy Director
San Francisco Arts Commission